St. Louis School Tuition


Preschool will be billed on a monthly basis from August to May.

4 year old Monday, Wednesday, and Friday $140.00 a month

3 year old Tuesday and Thursday $105.00 a month

No additional charge for Non-Parishioners. Additional fees listed on this page do not apply to preschool.

Preschool students are charged a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee due at the time of registration.



Cost to Educate: $4,650.00

Tuition Grades K-6 after Parish and Community member scholarships

One Child $2,400.00

Two Children $4,800.00

Three Children $6,700.00

Additional fees:

Family Registration fee $50.00
Family Non-Parishioner fee $250.00

Non-St. Louis Parishioners are charged an additional $250.00 per family (K-6 Only). A St. Louis Parishioner is a registered contributing member of St. Louis Parish.

Extended Day Registration $10.00 per family (Optional)


Payment Methods

+ Paid in full by August 15

+ Ten month payments with an additional $10 fee per month.

+ Tuition reduction need-based scholarships are available upon request

I also understand that if tuition is not paid or proper arrangements made by the first day ofthe current school year my child will not be permitted to attend.
(Arrangements can be made at the parish office if needed)

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