We desire to make available the opportunity of a Catholic School education to those who desire it. Our tuition rates are reasonably set to encourage enrollment in our school, and not set to meet the exact amount needed. It roughly covers one-third of out actual costs.

It is desired that full tuition is paid by July 31. If need be, arrangements can be made with the Croghan Colonial Bank to take out a loan.

Scholarships are available for grades K-6 through the following: Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund and EdChoice. For more information regarding the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund please visit the webiste

Please visit for more information on the EdChoice Scholarship.

St. Louis School also offers Tuition Assistance for families with students in grades K-6. This request is approved by the pastor or delegate by contacting the rectory at 419-669-1864. We wish to do all we can to make available this opportunity to attend St. Louis School.


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